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Separation and divorce does not need to cost you a fortune: financially, emotionally or mentally.

The toll on all parties, parents, kids, friends and external family, can be significant, and let’s be honest, at times brutal. You can choose to reduce the damage, drama and expense when going through separation and divorce.

How do we separate well? Providing a framework for navigating triggers, safeguarding (mostly) healthy communication, and prioritising child-focussed decision-making can make all the difference during this challenging and painful time.

Personal & Professional experience

Drawing on both a lived personal experience, supporting children through blending families, and extensive professional expertise with over 6 years formally in the post-separation space as a Relationship Educator and Family Counsellor (under the Family Law Act).

Trust me, you want to avoid the court-ordered space! 

You will benefit from the insight, empathy and constructive conversations.

Separation Consulting

What are our options? 

Is ending our relationship and walking in different directions amicably even possible? 

How do we navigate and minimise the long term impact on our kids?

Legal options can be expensive and often become adversarial. There is another way. Make an enquiry now to set up your initial 30min consult.

Swimming with Sharks (c)

Swimming with Sharks (c) is a 5 week dedicated post-separation parenting program designed to support parents wanting the best for their children. As a facilitated education space it is intended for those wanting to minimise the long-term psycho-emotional damage, reduce stress and minimise points of conflict.

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