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Anchorerd For Life, birthed in 2013 sitting in a cafe in Sofia, Bulgaria, integrates a wholistic wellbeing approach to life.

The logo symbolises that there are times when we need to find our anchor to weather life’s storms, changes and uncertainty. The infinity symbol reminds us that life continues, that there is continuity amidst chaos. The rounding off encapsulates the both/and of life in its fullness. “Life is a consequence of the choices we make.”

Life can be complex and challenging. We may find ourselves facing circumstances and situations that go beyond our knowledge, our skills, our capacity. We are, after all, human. 

Anchored For Life’s founder and director, Brendon Birch, heads up a team of dedicated professionals to tailor support for individuals, and services for organisations and leaders – helping navigate the storms and set sail for new horizons. 

About Brendon…a brief bio:

Brendon brings a broad experience of skills and expertise working with parents’ in post-separation conflict and delivery of EAP training and facilitation, mediation and counselling to individuals and couples. With a Master of Clinical Counselling, Brendon combines 20 yrs of sports coaching, 15 years as a communicator across training, advocacy and education, and over 6 yrs experience working with parents navigating post-separation conflict and parenting after separation. 

As a trainer/facilitator Brendon helped develop and deliver training nationally for World Vision and The Salvation Army Employment Plus. As a public communicator, Brendon has spoken to well over 150,000 people across community, church and school environments with topics including meaning, identity, persecution, slavery, human trafficking, the sex trade industry, global poverty and injustice. 


Coaching and empowering others to advocate making a difference has been a life passion. As an educator, sports coach, trainer & facilitator, I love influencing individuals & teams, and love working with people and bringing out their best.

Brendon has a deep empathetic, compassionate & collaborative communication style and a warm engaging personality that quickly builds rapport and trust. Brendon has a highly interactive communication style and facilitation approach, with an ability to quickly put people at ease. He enjoys collaboration and the creativity that comes from contributing within team environments. Brendon is equally at ease in front of children, young people as he is executives, whether speaking to 5 or as a keynote to 1000. One leader described him: “You have the capacity of taking the complex and making it understandable for the everyday person.”

As an experienced counsellor, Brendon is committed to empowering others in mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices to navigate their own life challenges. Brendon believes in wellbeing – across social, physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and relational aspects of life; and has a strong affinity and empathy for those experiencing difficulties, overcoming adversity or finding seasons of life challenging, and is passionate about supporting & empowering people through such times. “At all times, it’s an honour to sit, listen and share in their significant life experiences.”

Brendon is a proud dad to young adults, Bren-dad to two maturing teens, the grandfather in his over 30’s basketball team and a keen golfer who loves playing a great course….King Island is a fave. Personal life experience has taught Brendon the importance of self-care, resilience & mindfulness.

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