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Anchored For Life deliver counselling, professional supervision, facilitation, training and coaching of leaders.

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Anchored for life is committed to empowering others in mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices to navigate their own life challenges. We believe in wellbeing – across social, physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and relational aspects of life; and has a strong affinity and empathy for those experiencing difficulties, overcoming adversity or finding seasons of life challenging, and is passionate about supporting & empowering people through such times. “At all times, it’s been an honour to sit, listen and share in their significant journeys during such times.”

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Why Anchored For Life?

Using a tailored strategy to fit each individual’s circumstances, Anchored For Life aims to empower you to regulate your own emotions, manage your thoughts, and behave in a positive manner that improves your success and wellbeing potential.

What our clients say

I was in a terrible rut before utilising the services of Anchored Counselling. Brendon was great; non-judgemental , supportive and very accomodating with finding time to see me. He helped me to stop beating myself up and helped set some personal goals that kept me focused and ultimately got me through a hard stage of my life. I would highly recommend!
by Mary
Brendan supported and guided me through a really difficult time. I appreciate his friendship and counsel. I would highly recommend.
by Cameron
I went to Brendon at Anchored Counselling as someone who was rather sceptical about the notion of counselling. I didn't think I really needed it and only went almost to disprove the notion. I couldn't have been further wrong. Brendon was able to get me to realise that this was in fact a long time overdue and had a way of getting me to see things that on reflection were in plain sight.
by Glen
I was extremely satisfied by your services and would definitely use you again if I ever need
by Ben
Without Brendon i wouldnt be here today. I came to him when i was at my lowest and i knew i needed help but Brendon helped me understand how i could affect change within myself and he empowered me to make the life changing decisions that have helped me turn my life around. I cannot speak highly enough of Brendon and i would happily recommend him to anyone who feels lost and needs help to get their life back on track..
by Alex
Brendon was exceptional. Warm, welcoming, and provided a safe space to feel vulnerable. I'm still a work in progress, and I don't necessarily feel I've found a 'solution' to some of the larger issues, but that will come with time. For now, I'm in a great space, and when I'm not I won't hesitate to make another appointment.
by Bonnie
Thanks for the help Brendon! Very much at peace and happy with all decision I've made since our meetings.
by Jon
Brendon is a true professional who offers important and pertinent personal insights and guidance at some of life's most challenging times. He's empathetic, listens well, challenges where appropriate and is very proactive in providing the tools necessary to move through issues. I'd highly recommend him and most importantly, he's a good bloke who truly cares and really wants to help you.
by Sam
I want to take this opportunity Brendon to thank you for your support and guidance thus far. You're great at what you do and your genuineness shines through, which makes others comfortable in opening up and sharing. Keep doing what matters
by Darren
I'd never been a big advocate for therapy, but my experience with you benefitted me in so many ways; it wasn't what I was expecting, but immensely helpful. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you fo getting me through.
by A.K

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