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Workspace Wellbeing is a tailored training and wellbeing service supporting you support your staff. Providing a range of specialist services, we partner with small to medium size family run and community based organisations, with a personalised proactive approach to support your staffs’ wellbeing and sustainable productivity.

COVID, in all it’s variants,

has changed our lifestyles.

Are you looking for ways to support your team during ongoing impacts and life disruption of COVID?

In this pre-recording sample, Clinical Counsellor, Brendon Birch, provides a summary presentation on the impact of COVID lockdowns on our wellbeing. With a focus on emotional identification and the importance of language and emotional literacy, Brendon provides some examples of skills, strategies and ways forward in managing accumulative stress in the face of the unknown and future uncertainty.

Make yourself a cuppa, get comfortable and sit back for a reflective focus on your self-care and wellbeing. I wonder what you will take out of this short presentation?

Brendon provides a snapshot of the essence of COVID impacts, offering a summary of skills & strategies for navigating our way through uncertainty. Note this is a single take, unscripted recording of a normally presented 2 hr facilitated interactive workshop.

Special note: This presentation is normally delivered as a facilitated, collaborative and interactive 2 hour workshop. With a relaxed & engaging style, Brendon provides an empathic, solution-oriented approach to facilitation and training; incorporating a blend of coaching, supervision, and of course, counselling.

Make your booking today. To find out more, or book this workshop for your team, simply email anchored@anchoredforlife.com

“Brendon’s approach made me feel safe and understood. I learned language to articulate what I am experiencing. I valued the framework for managing at this time. I appreciated being encouraged to share my personal experience and not being asked to make it only about the work context. It helped me to link together the personal and professional. I appreciated Brendon’s open-mindedness and validation of everyone’s experience.”

“Brendon always creates a safe environment to be vulnerable and open as much as I want to. I have learned to better understand and articulate what sometimes feels like a big soup of feelings. My sessions with Brendon feels like a recalibration and readjustment, like going to an osteopath for the heart, mind and soul.”

A couple of sample testimonials from recent participants.

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