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Mental Health & Wellbeing Support Services to help you thrive

Anchored For Life is committed to working with you to provide the best outcomes for your staff and your business.

Tailored support services may include counselling, coaching, supervision, training and facilitation, mediation, conflict resolution and incident debriefing.

Counselling & Debriefing

Anchored For Life’s team of experienced counsellors are ready to support your team. With an emphasis on empowering solution-focussed approaches, your staff are in good hands.

Our team are able to calmly, clearly and collaboratively provide triage and appropriate psychological safety to ensure staff are supported in the face of a workplace incident that requires critical and caring intervention.  

Coaching & Supervision

There is enormous value and benefit of an outside and objective confidante when facing the loneliness of leadership. It’s common to hear leaders say “I can’t talk to anyone else about what’s going on.”

Anchored For Life are able to provide tailored coaching and formal supervision for established and emerging leaders to ensure they remain focussed and reflectively productive. 

Training & Facilitation

Content is only ever as good as the trainer.  

Engagement is only ever as good as the facilitator!

Anchored For Life are a team of highly competent and experienced trainers and facilitators, delivering interactive and engaging sessions in-person and online.

Whatever needs you may have around staff wellbeing and team dynamics, Anchored For Life is here supporting you support your staff.

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