There is no doubt the events of 2020 put life into a tailspin for many individuals, couples, families and workplaces alike.

Increased uncertainty has impacted stress levels. It has not been uncommon for those experiencing diagnosed mental health conditions to be stretched beyond their normal sense of coping. Developed skills, strategies, tools, techniques and “normal” self-care strategies have found many reaching out for additional support.

For others’, life direction and sense of connection has been brought under the spotlight.

No matter what you may want to chat about,

we hear you and we’re here to help you.

Why counselling?

It can be as simple as chatting to someone objective to your situation, a professional that listens confidentially.

Perhaps you don’t want to overload loved ones, are concerned about what other’s might think, or you are not-yet-ready to discuss things with those closest to you.

Perhaps you are facing workplace pressure and you want to get some perspective or handles on how to approach things.

It is an act of self-love to reach out for help!

Reasons to reach out

Mental Health concerns: stress, anxiety, depression

Lifestyle concerns: relationships, self-care, motivation, substance misuse,

Work concerns: performance, career direction, coaching development,

Identity concerns: evaluating values, priorities, decision making, sexuality

Communication concerns: broaden your skills, perspective and ability

Life concerns: values, goals, direction, purpose, meaning, feeling ‘out-of-sorts’

Answers to life challenges can be found in all sorts of different ways. It’s often in asking the questions that we live out the answers to those questions.

What’s a question you are wanting to explore?

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