Anchored For Life Supervision Services

Those in a people helping profession know all too well the impact and drain that can occur as practitioners and personally.

“Supervision prompts me to think about who I am as a leader, what is my style and what does that mean for my team and culture? Brendon holds me accountable for my commitments to myself and to my professional practice.”

“Sessions with you developed greater insight, both shining on strengths & drawing out growth. I’ve found our sessions purposeful and always feel like we’re moving forward (even when I seem stuck); there’s a healthy space to be reflective of professional practice.” 

Brendon brings a depth of insight and purposeful perspective to supervision.

Clients value his insightful perspectives, thought-provoking questions, values & purpose driven style, and his solution-oriented approach.

Supervisees describe his style as warm & inviting, respectful, thoughtful, encouraging, challenging, inquisitive, engaging, trusting, & trustable. 

Supervision provides the opportunity to share risk and discuss methods other CW’s are using to progress with their clients. It has also been an opportunity to reflect on my practice, and acknowledge any biases I may have or how my personal beliefs impact my practice.

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