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Anchored For Life prides itself on tailoring supports for organisations focussed on healthy cultures, prioritising worker and workspace wellbeing.

Brendon Birch | Counsellor | Coach | Supervisor | Trainer
Anchored For Life
Brendon | Anchored For Life founder

Brendon Birch | Clinical Counsellor

Director | Clinical Counsellor | Wellbeing Specialist | Trainer | Supervisor

Brendon is an experienced counsellor, coach and sought after workplace trainer. His warm engaging and relational interactions quickly puts people at ease – be it in the counselling room or in a training environment. Brendon is valued by clients for his insightful perspectives, thought-provoking questions, and his solution-oriented approach.

Brendon is well versed in the changes, challenges, losses and gains that can be experienced by those going through personal, professional and parental changes. His personal and professional life experiences have taught the importance of self-care, resilience and mindfulness.

Chris Wade | Counsellor & Trainer
Anchored For Life
Chris | Counsellor & Trainer

Chris Wade | Associate Counsellor

Counsellor | Wellbeing Specialist | Trainer

Chris is energised by making a difference in people’s lives through a safe and caring therapeutic relationship. Chris empowers his clients to grow and engage with life’s challenges through a range of counselling approaches. Chris is also a recreational running coach and keen marathoner. 

Chris has extensive experience as a trainer and facilitator with experience in management, learning and organisational development roles.

Simon Howden | Mediator & Coach
Anchored For Life
Simon | Mediator & Coach

Simon Howden | Mediator

Mediation & Conflict Resolution | Trainer | Strategy Coach

Simon has over 25 years’ experience in workplace communication and change management.

His ability to build rapport quickly with both individuals and teams, assists in his trainings and/or teachings to integrate seamlessly and be accepted with a high level of enthusiasm by all participants. One of his underlying drivers is to pass on the fundamental skills to communicate effectively, with the aim of working towards world peace. 

Trained and accredited as a national mediator, conflict coach and in group conferencing, means that no matter the issue, be it either solving conflict or enhancing group productivity, Simon has the tools and experience to produce results that cater for stakeholder needs.

Tracey Cathcart | Counsellor
Anchored For Life
Tracey | Counsellor

Tracey Cathcart | Counsellor

Counsellor | EMDR Specialist | Relationship Counsellor

Tracey believes that our human experience is to strive for wholeness and authentic expression. Tracey works holistically to address past traumas, environmental stressors, and relational challenges that negatively impact our mental and emotional health, physical health and healthy relationships.

Tracey has a background working with those with substance addiction, family and relationship issues, post-separation parenting, grief, trauma, anxiety and depression. Tracey’s practice is LGBTQI+ and poly-friendly.

Tracey works with warmth, empathy, compassion and non-judgement. She has a passion for helping to guide people through their inner landscape to assist them in enhancing their relationships with themselves and their world.


Master of Clinical Counselling
Accredited Supervisor
B.Min | Adv.Dip.Th | Cert4.A&WT
Graduate Diploma Counselling
Grad.Dip.IT | B.Arts (Hons) | Cert4.A&WT
Master of Conflict Management and Resolution 
Grad.Dip.FDR | Certified Mediator (NMAS) | Accredited
Restorative Justice Mediator | NLP Master Practitioner
Master of Counselling
B.Arts (Psych) | B.Social Work
Anchored For Life Staff Qualifications – as at February 2021
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