What will I get out of seeing a counsellor?

“Hi. I’m Brendon, its nice to meet you. What would you like to talk about today?”

Where do I start? I don’t know what to say. No-one can help me. What if it turns out I’m worse than I thought I was? I have so many problems I don’t know where to start. How can talking to someone help? I’m worried that if I start talking about one thing, other long-term and buried issues might come up? I’m just not good at talking about my ‘feelings’. I feel overwhelmed and I’m struggling to make heads or tails with all that I’m juggling?

Do any of the above statements sound familiar?

Whether you are wanting to talk through personal issues, professional, parenting or relational needs, we are here to help you EXPLORE, LEARN, GROW and MOVE-ON.

A counselling session can provide a safe space to EXPLORE in a clear and confidential way things in life you may be finding difficult to talk about. It’s a chance to LEARN more about yourself, your thought processes, your values and priorities.

Perhaps it’s a chance to GROW following traumatic experiences (yes, there is a reality of post-traumatic growth!), or GROW in your coping strategies and skills, to develop healthier self-care practices, or to progressively and intentionally work through inner tensions and relational conflicts.

No matter what you may be wanting or needing to talk about and need help with, we are here to walk with you, wade the through the sense of feeling stuck, and empower you to MOVE-ON so that you can get the most out of life and become a better you.

We all have things in life that trip us up, pull us down, or the need for an objective and confidential sounding board. There are times we all can use a little help. Here at Anchored For Life that’s exactly what we’re here to do.

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I'm a son, a brother, a father. I'm a coach, a facilitator, a public speaker. I love learning, sport and am passionate about living life with integrity. I work in the area of international development, aid and advocacy. I also know life can be difficult. I've been divorced, been involuntarily terminated from employment, been to way too many funerals, experienced my own personal burnout, juggle life as a single parent and seek to influence and 'enthuse the unenthused' around global justice issues. I don't shy away from grappling with life's big issues, including my own mortality. So I know life gets messy, is complex and can be draining. I hold true that we all need support structures in life. We all need anchors that hold us firm when life's storms come. Alternatively you can contact Brendon regarding counselling, coaching or supervision at www.anchoredforlife.com

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